Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 39 - New Years Eve and Recovery

Thursday, December 31, 2009

So today is New Years Eve!  Work sucked.  There was a problem with security in the mail room and towards the end of my day I was stressed and dealing with building issues.  It was not a pretty day to start my happy jaunt into 2010.

But like everything else, it ended and I left.

This week has been slightly stressful.  I've been waiting on some news that I wasn't able to get until 4pm today.  The news would either be a relief or potentially bad.  Upon arriving home I got the news and, thankfully, it was GOOD news!

But, the week of stressing, I think, caused me to have mild setbacks in my weight-loss.  I've been working on staying unstressed as often as possible.  Trying different tactics to keep my anxiety down and keep myself on an even keel.  It's worked some of the time.   But this week it just wasn't my week.

I will be blown away if the scale shows a loss of any kind tomorrow.  Blown away.

Mostly because of a few factors:
1. I have been stressed.
2. I have been emotional.
3. I was not as awesome on my salt intake as I could have been
4. I upped my weights to 12 lbs for somethings which means muscle is growing

All of these factors could contribute to the scale.

I've been feeling bloated too.  But I know that's to be expected here and there.  All I can do is just keep up my weekly routine and trust that my body is changing even if the scale isn't showing it.

I expect setbacks, I am just trying to not feel like a failure when they happen.  Although, they haven't happened yet.  Tomorrow will tell exactly how/if I need to improve.

As far as doing a workout, I decided that Jon and I haven't had a night where we can just relax and watch a movie.  So we did.  I chose to make this day a complete recovery day.  NO WORKOUT.  We did our laundry and just decided to kick back, watch a movie and then wait for midnight!

It was a blast!  Perfect evening.

Today's Goal:  Do 3 2 minutes sprints = FAIL (well, because today became recovery day)

Tomorrow's Goal:  Jump back into the workout again adding the 12 lbs to the upper body

Calories Consumed: 1206

Workout = NONE (recovery)

Here's to a brand new year!  Yay for 2010!  I get to get married this year!!!!!! :)

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