Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 64 - Pants in the closet and The Defiled screening

Monday, January 25, 2010

So today is the sneak peek screening for the film The Defiled!!!  I played a very small role in this feature/horror/awesome film!

I'm very excited to see the full film on-screen!  We are seeing it in a real screening room at Columbia College in Chicago.  My parents, Jon and I will be having dinner at my folks house and then heading over to the college.

I wasn't sure what I was going to wear.  I had some ideas (I wanted to dress up a bit), but nothing was set in stone.  I was a TOTAL GIRL.  I tried everything on in my closet.  Nothing was working.

The one wonderful thing about losing weight and changing how your body looks is everything gets big on you and you feel great in smaller sizes.  The one frustrating thing about losing weight is that everything is big on you that you have IN YOUR CLOSET and then you have to go out and get more clothes.

Deep in the back of my closet I have a pair of pants.

I bought these pants and the sweater at H&M circa 2002.

I never wore the pants.  By the time I had a reason to wear them I'd gained about 5 pounds and they didn't fit well anymore.

So they went into the back of the closet with the tags on.

I've gotten rid of a LOT of clothes ranging in sizes for the last few years.  For some reason, there were a few things I just wouldn't part with.

These pants were one of those items.  I was just SURE I would get in them again and be able to really wear them to something.

I'm proud to say...TODAY WAS THAT DAY!

I should have gotten a picture of me in them.  But regardless, I really enjoyed that amazing feeling of zipping them up and having them FIT!

Mom made dinner and we ran off to watch me get mutilated!

The screening was a BLAST!  I had such an amazing time!  There's nothing cooler than seeing your face on a movie screen.  Seriously.  It was awesome!

Onwards and upwards!  I'm hoping we'll have as awesome a screening of Fall Away when it's finally complete!

Check out the poster for The Defiled! My name's on it!!!!!

Today's Goal: Be careful at Mom's for dinner = SUCCESS

Tomorrow's Goal: workout during The Biggest Loser 9

Calories Consumed: 1100

             3 minutes warm up
             30 minutes jog/run
            (1 - 5 minute sprint)
             8 minutes cool down/stretch

      Strength Training:
             30 push ups
             1 Pilates 100
            50 bicycle
            50 reverse crunches
            50 regular crunches

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