Saturday, November 27, 2010

New and Improved!

Well HI there my lovelies!  It has been quite a while since I've posted.

Let's see:

1. got married
2. got to have my dad there (he was touch and go for a while but he's great now!)
3. been auditioning
4. been working out like crazy
5. started a new business.

Say what?

Yes.  I am now an Independent Beach Body coach.  A decision I did NOT come to lightly.

I was working at small, boutique gym in the back office.  It was a great part-time job dealing with reports and retention and all that.  But my boss was a bit of an OCD psycho and I just couldn't deal with him anymore.  He, essentially, forced me to quit.  Long story, but it's true!

So, to say the least I was frustrated.  I talked to a friend of mine and she had just signed on to be a coach.  I've been approached by people before.  Never did I want to take the plunge because, well, I just wasn't committed.  Now, with no job and sick of staring at the Craigs List wall, I decided today was the day to just jump in and try it.  If it works, GREAT.  If not.  Oh well, at least I tried.

My friend told me that until the end of the year, to sign up as a coach is, essentially, free.  Well, this clinched it for me.

I'm definitely interested in trying something for free, right?  :)

Also, Beach Body is the company that has P90X!  And those of you who know me, know I did all 3 months of that crazy workout.  THEN I did Insanity.  And now I'm doing ChaLEAN Extreme!

Oh yes, people.  OH. YES.

So I figured I'm working for a company I 100% believe in!  Why not get discounts and freebies and share my experience with other people looking for the same life change I got!  So yeah.  Yay me!

How are you?  Did the Thanksgiving world kick your butt?  It sort of did for me, but I did workout yesterday and today (and plan to tomorrow too!).


Monday, March 8, 2010

Day 103 - Gifts and Saying Goodbye

Thursday, March 4, 2010

So today was a crazy day!  Mom and I met to accomplish a couple of things wedding-wise:

1. check out bridesmaids gifts
2. check out gifts for hostesses giving the shower
3. check out flower girl gifts
4. go to the jeweler to design my wedding band

Before that, I got a call from my agent (YES!) to come in for a voice over audition.  Mom and I walked from her place to Starbuck's where she waited while I went in for my audition.  After it was over, we headed to find some gifts!

We were VERY successful!  Here's how it played out:

1. found shower gifts
2. found bridesmaids gifts (just have 3 more to pick up from another store)
3. found groomsmen gifts
4. found flower girls gifts
5. found me a rehearsal dinner dress
6. found me a shower dress
7. planned a 2nd day with jeweler so Jon could get fitted too

All in all a very successful wedding-planning day!

Our friend Gene is leaving Chicago tomorrow.  We're sad!  Unfortunately he just could NOT find a job while here.  It's been so tough watching so many people struggle with money and being jobless.  He's headed back to Maine to save some money so he can come back to Chicago for our wedding!  I have high hopes for him. He's a great guy!

We had a fun dinner with him and toasted him a good farewell.  We are driving him to his train tomorrow evening.  Sigh.

Calories Consumed: 1241

Workout: NONE

Day 102 - Yay for money and Yay for auditions!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

So today was a work day at Jon Wolter's office.  I've been trying to temp in between all the craziness I have going on otherwise. I actually LIKE going into work at Jon Wolter's office.  We often barely deal with each other, but everyone is really nice and truly respectful.  It's a good environment to hang out in.  Plus, I think they like me.  I'm certainly their first "go to" person.  That always feels good!

While at work, I got a call from my agent to come in for a voice over audition.  I cleared it with work and off I went for an audition!

I LOVE THIS BUSINESS.  Seriously, it's fantastic getting called in for stuff.  I love the agency.  I'm eager to book something so they decide to keep me on!  I love that I can just jump at a moment's notice into the office, spend 5 minutes there going over the copy, go in and record, and be out of there! It's great!

On the way back, the CTA buses were running sloooowwww!  I finally got back and finished the day up. It was a good day all-around.

No workout today, but I'm thinking I might be getting slightly bored with my routine...may need to switch it up soon!

Calories Consumed: 960

Workout: NONE

Day 101 - Mom's Dress and The Biggest Loser returns

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

So today my mom and I headed up to Highland Park.  I had to meet with Carrie (my sister-in-law) about our business and we also had a few wedding goals to accomplish:

1. solidify the invitations
2. find mom a dress

Invites went GREAT!  Jon and I worked on the response card-wording and are happy with our creative results.  The other stuff looked excellent so we are good to go!

Mom's dress.  Well, as luck would have it, we went back to the same place mom purchased her dress for my last wedding-that-shall-not-be-named. (It never happened.  2 months before it was cancelled!)  Mom LOVED that last dress.  It fit her perfectly.  It was MADE to fit her.  She looked stunning and felt stunning.  She didn't keep the dress (it was in purple) because she didn't want to wear it to anything else. She was really sad to see it go.  Mom also hates to shop so this experience would prove not fantastic to begin with unless we hit it out of the park on our first at bat.

Funny enough, when we were looking for MY dress we went to 5 different places.  I really liked one dress (but I didn't LOVE it) but it was really out of my price range.  I could have talked my father into it, but I really didn't love it.  Then we finally bit the bullet and went to the place where I got my last dress.  I was leery about going back to the same place.  Felt like a bad idea or whatever, but, lo and behold I found THE dress.  I LOVE my dress!  I LOVE MY DRESS.  And I was thrilled we'd decided to look fear in the face and go back there.

Mom took no chances and decided to hit the same place.  And after trying on about 11 dresses with NOTHING that came even close to a possibility, we decided we'd go somewhere else.  Mom got dressed and had a conversation with the sales person about the last dress she had and how much she loved how it fit.  The lady went in the back and pulled out a dress that looked amazing.   Mom tried it on and it was perfect...just a size too small and in the wrong color!  They looked at the swatches of fabric and realized it could be made in the color we needed and made to her measurements!  PERFECT!

Also?  It turns out, THIS dress is made by the same designer as the LAST dress Mom fell in love with!  So it all works out in the end!

So excited to see it on her when it's in the correct color and cut to fit her!  :)

Tonight, THE BIGGEST LOSER Season 9 returned (it's been on hiatus for The Olympics) and I'm so excited!  It's such a motivator to work out when watching that show!

What shows get you moving/motivated?

Calories Consumed: 937

              3 minutes warm up
              45 minutes run/jog
              8 minutes cool down
        Strength Training:
             125 regular crunches
             100 reverse crunches
             1 set Pilates 100
             50 toe reaches (alternating)

Day 100 - Water bottle hazard and The Paper Source

Monday, March 1, 2010

So today Sari and I had rehearsal for the concert.  I got there on time and was waiting for her and her brother-in-law to show up.  She finally texted me to say she'd been in a car accident!

She was rear-ended by a girl whose water bottle rolled under her break pedal and so she couldn't stop!

How scary!  Thankfully everyone was ok.  Sari banged her head but her car was ok.  The other girl's car was pretty banged up.

It was freaky waiting for her to get there.  I just wanted to hug her and know she was alright!

Once the police came and everything got sorted out, we actually did get to rehearse.  It was fun!  We staged the show (choreography and all) and really had a lot of fun with it.  It's going to be an awesome show. :)

Later on, I had to meet my Mom and my recently married cousin, Jamie, at the Paper Source to look at paper for booklets for the wedding.

Umm...I have a small love affair with The Paper Source.  I adore that place.  All these fun crafty projects with lots of creative ideas!  I just wanna spend tons of time in there touching all the pretty cards and ribbon and textures.

So we got what we needed and then headed out to get a coffee at Starbucks.  Mom treated and we had a great talk.  Sometimes I just love those moments where you spontaneously get to spend time with people you wouldn't normally get to spend time with.  It was such a nice 30 minutes.  :)

What are some pleasant/surprise moments you get throughout your day?

Calories Consumed: 927

             3 minutes warm-up
             42 minutes run/kicks/punches
             8 minutes cool down

      Strength Training:
             60 back rows (resistance bands)
             60 pulsed back rows (resistance bands)
             50 biceps (10 lbs each hand)
             50 triceps  (10 lbs each hand)
             50 chest flies  (10 lbs each hand)
             50 shoulder press  (10 lbs each hand)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Day 99 - Rehearsal and Super Sari

Sunday, February 28, 2010

So today I had to go down to the Harold Washington Library and meet up with Sari for rehearsal.  We are rehearsing for a fantastically fun one-night only event to help fundraise money for a synagogue in Evanston, IL.

Sari is amazing!  We met at Roosevelt University and totally "get" each other.  She was my saviour when I lived in NYC for a month and went to auditions with me and we did Bikram yoga together.  She rocks!

Her brother-in-law is a Cantor at this synagogue in Evanston and they are performing an evening of celebration of a famous Cantor named Moyshe Oysher.  No joke.  There is a song he performed with the famous Barry Sisters and they needed another voice for the song.  Sari called me!  I'm so excited to do this fun little project for a good cause.  Or, as we say in the Jewish faith....a Mitzvah. (good deed)

So Sari and I met to run through the harmonies and just get an all-around sense of stuff.  It was a great rehearsal.

I always feel refreshed and happy once I've spent time with Sari.  She truly is a positive force in my life.  When people tell you to surround yourself with positive people, Sari is a perfect example of one of them.

Grateful for my wonderful friends and supporters.  :)

Who supports you in your life?

Calories Consumed: 906

              3 minutes warm-up
              35 minutes run

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 95 - Frustrations with Dr's Office and UP

Saturday, February 27, 2010

So today started off not well.  I had an appointment to see my gynecologist for my annual I thought!

I busied myself trying to get in a workout before I was supposed to be there when it dawned on me I'd never gotten a confirmation call.

The appointment was all through communication on the "patient link" online site the doctor's office has set up.  You request an appointment and someone responds and lets you know what is available.

When I called to confirm my appointment this morning the office was, you guessed it, CLOSED.  I went to the patient link and re-checked the appointment date and time and, sure enough, it said I had an appointment TODAY at 12:30pm.

I called back and left a very frustrated message.

I then wrote a response on the patient link saying the same things.  I felt like my time was totally wasted and I scheduled my entire weekend around this appointment.

Suffice it to say I was irritated.

I did get a call back and the office apologized saying it was their mix-up.  The person who responded on the patient link looked in my file and noticed I had an appointment on February 27th at 12:30pm.

In 2009.
Oy vey.

So the rescheduling began.  Fingers crossed this goes well...

Tonight we headed over to my friend, Ellyn's apartment.  We ordered really yummy (and fresh!) thai food and watched Pixar's UP.

I adore this film.  ADORE IT!  Some of the best writing for a dog I've ever heard.  Hilarious.  Adorable. Sad. Just all around awesome.

I highly recommend it if you haven't seen it!

Any films you recommend these days?

Calories Consumed: 1134

            3 minutes warm-up
            12 minutes cardio (run) -- got interrupted by gynecologist office phone call -- then had to leave
      Strength Training:
             100 reverse crunches
             100 regular crunches
             30 push ups
             1 set of Pilates 100