Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 63 - Grey's Anatomy and Proud of me

Sunday, January 24, 2010

So today I dove back into the workout with a vengeance.

Normally, when Jon is home and I'm working out, we throw West Wing on.  I love having TV shows on DVD because they are the perfect time to do a cardio workout!  42ish minutes.

Today, though, Jon was sleeping a bit late (he's allowed), so I decided to pop in my newest TV show, Grey's Anatomy.

Ok.  I resisted watching this show.  FULLY resisted.  It sounded kinda dumb, no offense.  But, honestly, I've truly fallen for it.  It's funny and fun and it gets me through my cardio.
*I'm only on episode 4 season 1 so please, no spoilers! ;)

Other than that, Jon and I went to go see my friend and former teacher, Scott's, show at Act One.  He directed a one-act by Horton Foote called Laura Dennis.  It was performed by the first year students (it's a 2 year conservatory).  They are half-way through their first year.  I thought they did a very nice job, considering.  There is some real talent there.  Others have some work to do, but they are really on the right track.  It's lovely to see that. :)

Food shopping and dinner rounded out the night.  We were tired but not sleepy.

I am still feeling a bit stressed and sad about my communication problems with Lisa.  I hope we get a chance to see each other and resolve this.  She's one of my best friends and one of my maids of honor for my wedding.  It would be a shame if this causes us any more grief.  However, I realize I am seeing things differently than I used to.  I'm happy about my life changes, but I do realize that often it's weird for people who have known me for a while, (especially through the really bad times) to see a change in me.  I mean, I am not only changing from the outside, I'm changing on the inside.  Cheesy-sounding, I know, but I'm really happy with who I'm becoming.  And I'm really proud.

When I was at Act One, I realized how frustrated I was all the time.  I was sad and angry and anxious.  I was never content with myself.  I thought the world was against me and I had limited time to reach my goals or I would be a failure.  I saw myself as the one with the most experience and the oldest and it scared me how shameful I felt being back in school.  I thought there was something wrong with me.

I don't feel that way anymore.  I made some big decisions upon leaving school and it's never too late to change your life, I feel.  So, here I am.  I'm changing it.  And I feel great about my choices.  It's always a journey and a process.

Today's Goal: Back on the workout track!

Tomorrow's Goal: be careful eating at Mom's for dinner

Calories Consumed: 1090

           42 minutes
          (1 - 10 minute sprint; 5- 1 minute skaters)
           8 minutes cool-down/stretch

      Strength Training:
           30 push-ups
           50 back rows (15 lbs each hand)
           50 biceps curls (12 lbs each hand)
           50 triceps curls (12 lbs each hand)
           50 chest flies (12 lbs each hand)
           50 shoulder press (12 lbs each hand)

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  1. One thing I've learned about personal change is your true friends will not always understand or even agree with you, but they will always stand by you. You might not like to hear what they have to say, but this is YOUR journey, and they will respect that.

    Hang in there with Lisa. Everything will work out as it should.