Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 41 - The unknown and Calories

Saturday, January 2, 2010

So today I realized I am going to have trouble remembering to type or write 2010 or '10 on anything for a while.  I usually can get it down by June and then have about 6 good months before having to revamp my brain to the new date.  This was much easier when I was younger! ;)

I slept in.  And I liked it.

Then reality hit and I realized that not only did I have to work out, but it was a night out with the family to celebrate my sister-in-law's birthday! (Her actual birthday is tomorrow but it was the best night to get everyone together!).

So up I went to work out.  It went well today.  Maybe those extra calories last night helped?  Eh, too soon to tell.   Either way, I got through it and Jon and I showered and headed to the 'burbs to dinner.

We made a few stops along the way (looking for costume pieces for the film and for Jon to trade-in/buy some new games for our amazing state-of-the-art gaming system...Playstation 2!  (For those of you who aren't avid gamers, this system is definitely NOT state-of-the-art anymore.  It came out in 2000).

We had dinner at P.F. Chang's and everyone wanted to eat "family style".  This can pose a slight problem for me because I am eating "unclean" food (that wasn't prepared at home with little oil/butter, etc) and somewhat out of my control on how healthy it is.

I did my best in choosing the healthiest I could and avoided things that were deep fried or had too much sauce, etc.  I approximated my calories, and I think I was "close" but it's really not my favorite way to eat.  I also ended up going over my calories more than I intended to. But not terribly.

After we got home I wanted to watch Paranormal Activity to see what the hype was about.  It was definitely an intriguing movie.  I'd give it a thumbs up for freaking me out, psychologically.   Jon and I kept the lights on for a while and then watched a few Family Guy's to get it out of our systems. :)  That helped.

Tomorrow!  Informal rehearsal for the film.  :)

Today's Goal - eat 1350 calories = Success AND fail (I ate more than 1350 but I at least ate 1350...)

Tomorrow's Goal - 2 - 5 minute sprints during cardio

Calories Consumed: 1435

             3 minutes warm up
             45 minutes jog/run/invis jump rope
             (2- 5 minute sprints)
              8 minutes cool-down/stretch

     Strength Training:
             100 push ups
             1 round Pilates 100
             100 regular crunches
             100 reverse crunches
             100 oblique crunches (each side)
             100 regular squats (12 lbs each hand)
             100 regular pulsed squats (12 lbs each hand)
             100 plie squats (12 lbs each hand)
             100 plie pulsed squats (12 lbs each hand)

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