Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 65 - Coffee date and Keeping my heart open

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

So today I had a rather busy day.  I ran up to the suburbs to see my sister-in-law and work on our new business together.  (I'll update more on this when we are fully up and running.  Right now I'm slightly tight-lipped until we fully launch).

We had a really great conversation about money and children.  It's so nice how much closer she and I are getting.  She is the one person who lives the closest who is in my wedding party!  I fear she will have the burden on her for lots of work!  Poor Carrie! ;)

After that meeting, I headed back into the city to meet my dear friend Bethany for coffee.  We have been trying to hook up once a month to reconnect when possible.  There's this one Starbuck's near where she works so we tend to meet up there and just talk and catch up.  It's really nice to see her.

On my way, I got a phone call from Grant, the lead in the Fall Away film I'm in.  We had a great conversation where I gave him some advice about "keeping your heart open and ready".  It's something I usually believe strongly in, but sometimes have a hard time putting into practice.  The whole "live as if" attitude is sometimes really hard, but necessary.  In his case, he has a case of the lonely-hearted.  He wants a relationship.  I told him as long as he is keeping his heart open and his life available for that he will find it. I really hope that's true.  He deserves happiness.  He's such a special person!

I got home just in time for The Biggest Loser!  I did my workout watching it and Jon made dinner.  Epic Success!


All in all, a good day.  Lisa and I are meeting on Thursday evening.  Interestingly enough, I'm feeling less stressed about it.  I feel like we just got caught up in whatever and just need a reconnection.  I'm hoping I'm right.  I really miss her and just want to spend some time hanging out with her.  I hope she feels the same way.

Today's Goal: Workout during The Biggest Loser = SUCCESS

Tomorrow's Goal: Postcards. No excuses.

Calories Consumed: 927

              3 minutes warm-up
             45 minutes jog/run
             (1 - 10 minute sprint; 1 - 5 minute sprint)

        Strength Training:
             25 push ups
             50 back rows (using resistance bands)
             50 pulsed back rows (using resistance bands)
             50 biceps curls (12 lbs each hand)
             50 triceps curls (12 lbs each hand)
             50 chest flies (12 lbs each hand)
             50 shoulder press (12 lbs each hand)

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