Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 45 - Overwhelmed and Under-funded

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

So today started out ok.  Work was a bit stressful but nothing that felt so awful I couldn't handle it.  That was good.

I spent a good portion of the day mapping out my plans for the next few months, mentally.  I guess it would make more sense to write these things down.  But, I have this weird inability to write something down unless I really know I can/will get to it.  Some of these things I've "mapped" are just abstract ideas/hopes.  To write them down cements them in a way I'm not necessarily ready for.

One of the things I had time to work on was our honeymoon.  My sister-in-law's mom is a travel agent.  A really good one.  She helped get my cousin and his wife a spectacular 7-day honeymoon for a fantastic price. I'm hoping she can do the same for us!  She and I have played email tag for a while and she threw out some great ideas but then asked the question: "So what is your budget"?




We don't have one? 

We are very slowly putting money into savings.  We have sacrificed some things in order to have SOME kind of savings.  It's very tough when we are paying off student loans, bills, etc. and STILL can't make ends meet each month.  But slowly and surely we are working it out.

But we definitely don't have enough in savings for a honeymoon.


I threw out an arbitrary number in hopes it would be enough to get what we want.

I just hope we only have to put 1/2 the money down.  That we could cover!  The rest, well, we'll have to do some more saving for that!

By the time I got home I was freezing and exhausted.  Jon had had a horrible day at work and was really stressed out.  I pushed myself to do my workouts (watched a great episode of the West Wing) but my brain/heart etc. wasn't really into it.

It's weird. I seem to have one day on that's a good workout day. Energized, feeling good, etc.  And then the next day is just off! I'm exhausted and unable to complete all tasks.  The ping-pong effect is frustrating and tiresome.  By the time I'd finished my workout and showered, I was worn out!  And it didn't help that Jon and I realized we have so much to do before I start filming this weekend.  There's a lot of domestic crap on our plates.

One task at a time, I guess.  Trying to stay "whelmed" instead of overwhelmed.

Today's Goal: Do a full workout = Success/Fail. (I did all the components of the full work out, but my cardio was lacking in time)

Tomorrow's Goal: Get some domestic things done. Take the day as recovery.  Drink my water. 80 oz.

Calories Consumed: 1020

             3 minutes warm up
             30 minutes jog/run
            (7 intervals of push-ups -- 5 - 10 push-ups/ 2 - 20 push-ups)
             8 minutes cool down/stretch

         Strength Training:
              100 push-ups
              100 regular crunches
              100 reverse crunches
              100 oblique crunches (each side)
              100 regular squats (12 lbs each hand)
              100 regular pulsed squats (12 lbs each hand)
              100 plie squats (12 lbs each hand)
              100 plie pulsed squats (12 lbs each hand)

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