Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 46 - Recovery and Domesticated

Thursday, January 7, 2010

So today was my recovery day for this week.  I always feel leary of taking a recovery day the day before a weigh-in but I knew I needed it.  Besides, Jon and I had a ton of domestic crap to do around the house.  One of which was vacuum. Oh lord, it is not fun trying to do ab and strength training and stretching on our awful carpet, especially when it needs to be vacuumed!

Jon made a great dinner and we pretty much took it easy most of the evening.  It was a fairly uneventful day all around.  Work was only slightly stressful, so all in all it was a good day to rest.

I would have liked to have gotten in all my water, but that didn't happen.  I also realized I've been forgetting to take my multivitamin again!  ARGH! I have to get better about that.  I think it adds to my exhaustion. 

Today's Goal: Get some domestic things done. Take the day as recovery. Drink my water. 80 oz.

Success/Fail (got the domestic stuff done, took the day as recovery, only drank 60 oz)

Tomorrow's Goal: take my multivitamin

Calories Consumed: 1051

Workout: None - recovery

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