Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 56 - Naps and Crankiness

Sunday, January 17, 2010

So today was another awesome day of filming.  I'm so grateful to be doing this work.  I'm proud of it and very excited to be a part of such an amazing production.

That said: I did better today.  I was able to make a better approximation on my calories.

I was really cranky though.  Sorry Jon!  I definitely took it out on him at first.  I did, however, apologize.  I'm getting better at recognizing when I'm being inflexible and even somewhat belligerent.  I'm getting better at saying "I'm sorry".

I took a nap and got up later and decided I absolutely HAD to do SOME kind of workout.

I settled on watching a West Wing and doing some cardio.  It was something.  Given the schedule of insanity I've been on I really commend myself on getting SOME workout in.  Hopefully if we wrap a bit earlier tomorrow I can get home and get a better workout in.

Today's Goal:  Get more water in = SUCCESS (I doubt I got the entire 80 oz.  But I did drink a lot of water).

Tomorrow's Goal: Try and jump into the full routine if possible

Calories Consumed: 1049

            3 minutes warm-up
            40 minutes jog/run
            8 minutes cool-down/stretch

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