Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 49 - Filming and Freezing

Sunday, January 10, 2010

So today was the first day of filming!  Glorious and wonderful filming!  I cannot tell you how excited and happy I am to be a part of this incredible project.

The crew and the cast and the whole thing was amazing.  I cannot wait until next weekend!

However, we were shooting outside in below freezing temperatures.  While in this scene I was able to wear a coat and scarf, my toes nearly froze off because the cheap boots I got are essentially made out of plastic.

The amazing crew ran to get me toe-warmers.  They helped for a bit.  But, seriously, I have to find a better way to keep my toes warm.  Put the foot warmers on BEFORE I get cold, maybe... :)  Also: better socks!

Other than that little craziness, I feel like the luckiest girl!

I cannot say enough awesome things about this experience.  It is everything about why I am an actor.  Love!  LOVE!

During the day I tried to sleep as much as I could.  I purposely cleared my schedule so I could get some rest, get in some cardio and just relax before shooting.

Same thing goes for tomorrow.  Our call time: 11pm Sunday night.  Wrap time: 5:00am Monday morning!  [yawns]


*for those of you interested:

Today's Goal: Get in some cardio and get some sleep during the day = SUCCESS!

Tomorrow's Goal: drink water (at least 60 oz) and take my multi-vitamin

Calories Consumed: 924

             3 minutes warm-up
            40 minutes jog/run
           (1 - 5 minute run/jump rope sprint; 5 - 1 minute skaters)
            8 minute cool-down/stretch

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  1. Just checked out the film's website, and it looks so cool! Can you post pics from the set on your blog?