Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 40 - Weigh-in week 6 and movies

Friday, January 1, 2010

So today is NEW YEARS DAY!  YAY!  We made it to 2010!  :)  This is going to be a great year for me.  I can feel it.  I'm making positive changes in my life all around.  I will be leading a happier and more productive life.  :)  Yay me!

So, the weigh-in.  Surprisingly, I lost 2 oz.  Again!  While I'm THRILLED I actually lost weight considering I thought I might gain, I'm slightly confused as to why the weight is slowing down so much.

I'm thinking about trying an experiment and eating a few extra calories per day.

I wanted to get an idea of how many calories I was expending for my workouts.  In most cases, if I do my jog/run for 45 minutes I'm expending about 370 calories.  And for the weight-lifting I'm probably expending about 140.  So that means about 510 calories, give or take.  So, I need to be eating enough to cause a deficit but still not be in starvation mode, right?

I still have no idea how much I should be eating with the deficit.  I THINK it's about 1200?  Maybe?  Ugh.  I'm only 5'2".  Maybe I DO need to go see a nutritionist to make sure I'm doing everything correctly.  I know the food I'm eating is really good.  It's clean and almost always fresh/homemade.  I almost never eat processed food and I don't eat fast food.  So, all in all, I should be looking great, right?

Anyhow, that's the next step.  I have to try and shake things up a bit.  Maybe my body thinks I'm starving it.  As much as I'm afraid to add calories, I think I need to.  At least for a week and see how it fairs.

Jon and I have been watching movies all day.  He made Hopping John and collards.  MMMMM!  His collards are fantastic.  For those of you who know southern cooking you know, traditionally, Hopping John and collards are made with pork.  I don't eat pork (I'm strangely allergic), so Jon made me a vegetarian version!  He's so wonderful.  And the food was amazing.

You eat these things on New Year's Day.    The Hopping John is for luck and the collards are for money!  I could use both of those things this year!  Go 2010!

After that, we spent the afternoon and evening watching movies and just hanging out together.  A perfect start to the new year!

Today's Goal: Jump back into the workout adding 12 lbs for the upper body = SUCCESS!

Tomorrow's Goal: Focus on getting 1350 calories -

Calories Consumed: 1171

               3 minutes warm up
               47 minutes jog/run/invis jump rope
               (5 - 2 minute sprints)
               8 minutes cool down/stretch

         Strength Training:
              50 back rows (15 lbs each hand)
              50 biceps curls (12 lbs each hand)
              50 triceps curls (12 lbs each hand)
              50 chest flies (12 lbs each hand)
              50 shoulder press (12 lbs each hand)

I did my entire upper body with 12 lbs in each hand!  I rock!  :)

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