Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day 34 - Recovery and Friendship

Saturday, December 26, 2009

So today was a lovely day!  Jon and I went to meet our friends K and Lori for lunch!  It was BLISSFUL!  We had a fantastic time and I made great choices with my meal.

In catching up, I realized how far I've come in a short time.  I know I still have a long journey ahead of me.  Pretty much a lifetime since I believe we are always able to learn and grow.  But, I'm seeing myself approach life and love and people in a better and healthier way.

This makes me happy. :)

It warms my heart to know that my dear friends give their "stamp of approval" on Jon Wolter.  I know he's wonderful and I am so lucky he's in my life.  But it helps to know that my friends agree.  Especially since with my ex, no one really liked him and EVERYONE thought it was a mistake that I was marrying him.  Except me.  This time, I've asked for reactions and, even when I haven't, they've been consistently positive.  This makes me happy.  I like knowing that the people who have my back think my intended is a good choice.  :)  I like that they like him. :)

Today was a full recovery day for workout.  I will replenish and return tomorrow!

Todays' Goal:  Make healthy choices at lunch = SUCCESS! (Got a salad -balsamic dressing on the side- with salmon)

Tomorrow's Goal: Jump back into my workout routine

Calories Consumed: 840

Workout = NONE - recovery

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