Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Day 30 - Alone and Normal

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

So today I had a weird schedule with work. I wasn't told when I signed on to this job that Tuesdays would be from 11am - 7pm. I was taken aback by it at first, and then realized that except for the last week I work, this isn't too big of a deal. So that day I'll work 10 - 6. No big deal. :)

But it's a little odd.

However, it afforded me time to workout this morning and accomplish my daily goal! YAY! I DID get in my cardio AND my ab routine. All that's left is legs. I can do that after dinner! :)

My mom was telling me that all of her friends that have daughters have been having issues with them. The daughters tell them, (the mothers) that they don't know anything. Or they demand things or whatever. I am actually surprised. I mean, my mom's friends all have big personalities but I never would have thought they'd have such issues communicating with their daughters.

Jokingly, I asked what she says when her friends are complaining about their daughters. She, politically said, "Oh nothing! I don't have those problems". Good answer, Mom. :)

This office has me alone for a LOT of the time. I am cherishing this time. It affords me reflection and time to explore things that our crazy, busy lives don't usually allow. I used to hate/fear time without stimulation. It meant I had to just "be with my thoughts". That was horrifying!! Now, I like it. I look forward to it.

Well, along with the snow today, it's definitely getting festive in this city. I am wearing my new shoe-boots (they are so comfy. They form to your feet!) that I got as a gift. :) They are bright red! Absolutely festive! They make me smile!

I definitely fell off the wagon of doing my leg exercises. Having a late day at work left me utterly exhausted. I did well on the cardio front, adding an extra 5 minutes plus sprints so I'm feeling good about that. Hopefully my legs will understand my not working them out today.

Today's Goal: Try and get the cardio done in the morning before work = SUCCESS!

Tomorrow's Goal: Finish the holiday cards and get 'em sent out

Calories Consumed: 1154

3 minutes warm-up
50 minutes run/jog
(5 one-minute sprints)
8 minutes cool-down stretch

Strength Training:
Slim in 6 ab routine (slim and 6pack -- 11 minutes)

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