Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day 16 - To-do Lists and Alone Time

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

So today was a very productive day! My workouts were great, I met my goals and I covered my to-do list. All in all a great productive day!

To-do lists. I always put WAY too much on my lists and, thus, never feel fully accomplished even when I get a majority of it finished. I'm taking a tip from my friend, Becky, who has been posting lists each day of things to accomplish.

She learned: "a person can only really do about 6 things in any given day and do them well. Any more than that and you are overloaded. Often just those 6 things can have multiple steps that have to be completed before they are considered done."

I like that.

So I'm limiting my already busy life to only 6 things on my To-do list. Today, I accomplished 5 out of 6. And I feel really great about that!

It's about finding the little successes in life. I know I tend to say to myself that I haven't done enough. I should push harder, work harder. Well, then life just sucks all the time. Seriously. Without a few successes along the way life just feels like a big ball of crap that I have to keep rolling up the hill. It, inevitably, rolls back down and I have to start pushing again.

It's not really living.

I have also become to cherish my alone time. I used to be so anxious growing up that people didn't love me and would forget about me. I feel so much more fulfilled and my anxiety about those things are less. I really love spending time with me, these days. I'm pretty cool. And this blog has helped to make me focus on me and what I am doing positively in my life. That's a wonderful change from where I was even 2 years ago!

Tomorrow's Goal: take my multi-vitamin, do 45 minutes of cardio

Today's Goal: take multi-vitamin = SUCCESS
add push-ups to strength routine = SUCCESS

Calories Consumed: 901

45 minutes (jogging)
3 minutes (warm up)
5 minutes (cool down/stretch)

Strength Training:
100 push-ups
100 biceps curls (10 lbs)
100 back rows (15 lbs)
100 triceps curls (1o lbs)
100 shoulder press (1o lbs)
100 chest flies (10 lbs)

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