Monday, December 7, 2009

Day 14 - Cleanliness and Mood

Sunday, December 6, 2009

So today was a whirlwind day. Jon and I slept in a bit later than usual ('til 10am). He had the daunting task of cleaning our apartment and the animal hutches today. I had the daunting task of working out before my rehearsal for the film. (!!!)

I got right to it. 2 episodes of HOUSE on DVD got me through almost the entire thing. Then it was shower and get ready to go. My sister-in-law was visiting last night and she'd never seen our tiny apartment before. I wanted to show it to her in the best "light" possible. Hence, the cleaning frenzy. :)

Rehearsal was great. I had a fantastic time and my band members/fellow actors are pretty awesome. I always love going over to the director's home to rehearse. He and his wife have the most amazing personalities and they always make everyone feel welcome and at home. They live in this amazing loft. It's such a neat place. I would KILL to have that kind of space. :)

By the time I got home, Jon had done an incredible amount of work on the apartment. It looked awesome! I was actually HAPPY to be in this apartment. To be home. That perked my mood up immensely!

When my sister-in-law arrived she was amazed that Jon and I live here. Full-time. The fact that there is really no space and we've utilized every single corner, nook, and cranny floored her. As Jon put it, "Ali and I are very good at Tetris-ing our lives". And it's true.

There's definitely things we can do to organize and clean even more, but I'm feeling pretty great about going to sleep tonight.

Today's Goal (I forgot to set one!)

Tomorrow's Goal: add an extra "something" to my ab routine (Maybe the Pilates 100?)

Calories Consumed: 998

3 min warm-up
45 minutes (jog, invisible jump-rope, step-ups)
5 min cool down

Strength Training:
50 back rows (15 lbs each side)
50 biceps curls (10 lbs)
50 triceps curls (10 lbs)
50 shoulder press (10 lbs)
50 chest flies (10 lbs)

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