Friday, December 25, 2009

Day 33 - Weigh in week 5 and Christmas Dinner

Friday, December 25, 2009

So today was a weigh-in day. I'd been not feeling 100% this week, what with my moods and feeling like ick most of the week. I would not have been surprised if I didn't lose any thing. I would have been disappointed but not surprised.

As it goes, I lost 2 ounces. Not too bad. I'm obviously slowing down in the weight loss "frenzy". I know that happens, but it's slightly frustrating. My friend, Adam, (who has done an IRONMAN - yeah, I KNOW! ) tells me it's possible I'm not eating enough calories so my body isn't cooperating as well as it should/could. I'd LOVE to think he's right. It'd be nice to have the ability - nay - the NEED to eat more calories.

He says there's a fancy scale that can measure fat percentage and hydration as well as weight. That could give a more accurate look at what is going up and down. In other words, if my body fat is going up even if my weight is going down, that actually means I need to eat MORE calories because my body is holding onto the fat because it thinks I'm in starvation mode. Weird! So, maybe I will get ahold of this fancy schmancy scale. :) Thanks for the tip, Adam! You rock!

Tonight we had dinner at my Mom's house for Christmas. It was really fun! My mom is always coming up with crazy fun things to add to the fun of the celebration. This time she claimed Santa had visited and brought a gift for everyone. It was a lottery ticket! So everyone got a ticket and everyone promptly lost. It was great, though! :)

I was as careful as I could be on my calories and I even had a glass of wine and a very small piece of the amazing chocolate cake my mom baked.

I came home after dinner and worked out. Yes I did. Go me!

All in all, a very successful and fun holiday!

Today's Goal: Do not feel guilty = SUCCESS! I was careful and took what I wanted and ate it happily!

Tomorrow's Goal: Make good choices at lunch (having lunch with K and Lori!)

Calories Consumed: 1183

3 minutes warm-up
45 minutes jog/run/shadow box/kicks
(6 one-minute sprints)
8 minutes cool-down and stretch

Strength Training
5o push ups
50 biceps curls (10 lbs each hand)
50 triceps curls (10 lbs each hand)
50 chest flies (10 lbs each hand)
50 shoulder press (10 lbs each hand)

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