Monday, December 28, 2009

Day 35 - Plan and Decide

Sunday, December 27, 2009

So today Jon and I planned to go to Target and finish up some shopping we'd been meaning to get done for a couple of weeks.  We woke up at a decent hour and I decided I wanted to workout first so I could have the evening to just chill out.  It was a good plan!

Got my entire workout in and then we finished up our crazy shopping trip.  We have a few last minute gifts to send out and then we are finished!

I have decided to try and make a general list for the week in hopes that I can feel a bit more organized in my weekly scheduling.  Some of it is for the apartment (chores Jon and I have to get done but always find overwhelming when they've not been planned), and some are career/work/personal oriented.  Just for me.

I'm hoping having a list will help to keep me focused.  There are definitely days when I feel like I am barely making it through, time-wise, and I have had to avoid seeing people to make sure I'm getting my workouts/food/chores in.   I think with a little extra planning I will be able to coordinate things so that if there's a spontaneous get-together I can actually meet up with someone.  Which would be nice! :)

Jon and I have started filling out a book called "All About Us".  It's a neat little book that has questions and blanks that we fill out together and helps to facilitate conversation(s) about our relationship.  In most cases we've realized we've discussed these things but it's nice to have confirmation that feelings haven't changed or our understandings were just assumptions.  Etc.  It's been a neat thing to do to prepare for this marriage thing. :)

Other than that, all is well here. :)

Today's Goal: Get back in the workout routine = SUCCESS!

Tomorrow's Goal: DRINK WATER!  (I don't think I'm drinking enough.  Stomach pains/heartburn and headaches are probably a good indicator I'm not.)

Calories Consumed: 1047

            3 minutes warm-up
            45 minutes jog/run/kicks/invisible jump rope
            (6 minutes of sprints/ 4 minutes of kicks)
            8 minutes of cool-down/stretch
      Strength Training:
           Slim in 6pack abs - 11 minutes
           100 regular squats (10 lbs each hand)
           100 regular pulsed squats (10 lbs each hand)
           100 plie squats (10 lbs each hand)
           100 plie pulsed squats (10 lbs each hand)

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