Thursday, December 3, 2009

Day 10 - Tired and letting go

So today I was tired! Really tired. I had a tough time dragging myself out of bed and getting moving today. I had a few errands to run and I just felt run-down most of the day.

By the time Wolter had gotten home I was only 25 push-ups into my workout and I couldn't even conceive doing more at that point.

I'm hoping I'm not coming down with anything. It doesn't help that we sleep on a futon mattress. It's definitely NOT the most comfortable mattress in the world. Not to mention our living quarters are about as small as two people could semi-comfortably live! :) But it's home, for now.

Working out in a studio apartment is quite a feat with a fiance, a dog, a chinchilla, and a rabbit all watching you. When I first started working out about a year ago, I told Jon he had to leave the apartment, since we didn't really have a door/other room. He would go for a walk or go to the 2nd floor to read. Finally, he opted to take a bath and read in the bathroom. It got tiresome for both of us. I hated "kicking him out of the room" and he felt put-out being made to leave the room, (even though he was always super-supportive and would do it anyway).

My only solution was to just get over it. Let it go. One of my issues has always been worrying how I look to others. I'm self-conscious and don't want to be judged, especially by people who know me, or whose opinions I trust. But I realized I was not going to be able to dictate Jon's schedule and there would be an over-lap when I wanted to work out. So, to be fair, I explained my concerns about "being watched" and "being judged" and asked for him to promise to not make comments regarding my workouts when he was in the room.

He agreed and, so far, it's been working great! Since we tend to watch the same shows, (an inevitability with only one TV that the entire apartment can hear) I can work out and watch the shows with him in the room. I get to accomplish spending the same time we would spend watching a show with him and STILL get in my work out. Win/win!

Today's Goal was: get in 30 min of cardio = SUCCESS!

Tomorrow's Goal: stretch after my workout (I've been sporadically stretching and I KNOW that's bad!)

Calories Consumed: 1270

Workout: 100 push-ups, 100 regular crunches, 100 reverse crunches, 100 oblique crunches (each side), 100 regular squats (10 lbs weights), 100 regular pulsed squats (10 lbs weights), 100 plie squats (10 lbs weights), 100 pulsed plie squats (10 lbs weights), Cardio: 30 min

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