Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Oh my goodness I am so way behind I can't stand it!!!

I cannot believe how long it's been since I actually posted anything!

Life just took over and knocked me in the crazy zone.

HOWEVER:  I have not fallen off the wagon or fallen in a well or anything.  I have been keeping track of my workouts and my calories on paper and fully plan to post these things ASAP.

It just seems...daunting!  I'm exhausted every time I even THINK about doing this blog because I'm so way way behind.

BUT:  I came up with a solution.  Nothing is going to get better unless I work through it.

So for the sake of time and interest, I thought back to the reason I began posting here to begin with:  I wanted a place that would keep me accountable to myself.

So, the most important thing to post, for the moment, is what I did that day.  The emotions are sort of fleeting but still important, but I don't necessarily remember what was bugging me that day unless I address it that day.

I will be doing a flurry of daily posts to just "get those crazy days" out of the way.  I will be reflecting on things as they continue to play an emotional/recurring role in my head/in my life in future posts, for sure.  It is decidedly true that there is no way I would be succeeding this much if I wasn't putting my feelings/thoughts down on "paper".  I require that reflection.  It keeps my brain going in the right place AND it helps me acknowledge my successes (as well as my failures or...struggles).

Look for my crazy flurry of "all business" posts which should be appearing in the next few days.  After those are complete I am planning to jump head-on back into the "real" posts.

Thanks for being so supportive and awesome and reading this insanity that is my journey!


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  1. Hey Ali,
    Don't feel like you need to fill us in on every detail that you've missed so far. I'd be just as happy if you'd started here where you are today, and went forward from there. Don't put too much pressure on yourself!