Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 94 - Superstitions and Weigh-in week #14

Friday, February 26, 2010

So today was the last day of rehearsal for Senior Spotlight.  I'm really looking forward to getting to work with the senior citizens in the residencies.  Apparently we do sing-a-longs and work on their imaginations with theatre games and such.  It sounds like a rewarding experience for us and for them.

The show is really cute and I will miss rehearsing it with everyone.  As an understudy I am not called in for the shows (although I definitely plan to go see one).  I just have to keep up on the script and the music in case someone gets sick and I'm needed.

I also had an audition today...

I don't usually broadcast my auditions like some people.  I'm sure it's superstition or because I don't want to go through the process of explaining it if I don't get the job.  It's like going on constant job interviews.  People don't know what to say to you when you say you didn't get the job.  They feel badly for you but it gets awkward.  It's much easier to mention it later.

THEM:  "Where were you yesterday when I called"?

YOU: "Oh, I was at an audition".

THEM: "Wow!  What for?"

YOU: "For an agent".

THEM: "How did it go?"

YOU: "Pretty good/ok/great/awful (etc)"

THEM: "Oh, well great/you'll get 'em next time/good for you/chin up".

YOU: "Thanks"

This scenario is SO much better for me after the fact than before the fact.  I really have no interest in discussing my auditions.  I psych myself out of them if I talk about them too much.  Afterwards, I'm all about discussing it, even if it didn't go well.  I even have a sense of humor about it sometimes. :)

That being said...

I had an audition on Friday.  For an agency.  A good one in the city.  For my voiceover.

I was really excited (and a bit nervous).  I only told one person I was going in.  C* at Sound Advice (the place I recorded my demo.  THEY ROCK).  I wanted some input on how to audition for voice over for an agent (as opposed to on-camera or theatre).  Thank goodness for C*.  She rocked it!  She gave me great advice and told me to just go in and have a blast.  Which I did.  She also cautioned me not to be discouraged if I wasn't asked to work with them this time around.  Often agents will call you in and then tell you to come back in 6 months.  I was prepared for that.

The great thing was I really did go in and have a great time.  :)

And afterwards, the agent said she'd like to try this out.


Yup.  So, without jinxing anything...looks like I have an agent!

I plan to continue promoting my demo to the creatives (which gets my name out, of course!)

All is happy.

Oh!  I almost forgot about the weigh-in!

Things are going in the right direction.  I'm down another .4 lbs!

Weight loss to date: 9.6 lbs!  WOO HOO!

Go me.  Good day, sunshine!

Calories Consumed: 1240

Workout:  NONE

*This not working out thing is getting to be a really bad habit.  Gotta fix that!

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