Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 93 - Matters of the Heart and Taxes

Thursday, February 25, 2010

So today was busy but also slightly disorienting.  I've been in rehearsals to understudy for a show called Senior Spotlight for Imagination Theatre.

This work is very rewarding because we take the show to senior resident homes and work with them on imagination, sing-a-longs, etc. It really seems to help the majority of them forget about their "troubles" for a short while.

One of the other things we do is called a residency.  We visit one home 12 times and work one-on-one with a group of seniors.  We do exercises for their memories and their minds.  We do sing-a-longs and encourage them to get a bit active and enjoy things.

I'm looking forward to the work.  I'm just a little nervous.

Anyhow, we have a very short rehearsal schedule but they are beginning shows on Tuesday!  Yikes!  So quick.  With tight harmonies and choreography (oh goodness there go my two left feet again) I just really hope neither of the people I'm understudying gets sick...or a really good paying job...right?

I came home fully expecting to get A LOT of stuff done (including working out), and was very accomplished with my to-do list...however somehow the workout just didn't happen.

I don't like that.

It's imperative that I make time for that.  But I just didn't put my focus in the right places.

I guess the fact that I really wanted to do my taxes and get them DONE was weighing much more heavily on my head.

Lately, I've gotten phone calls/emails/texts from 3 friends who are dealing with matters of the heart.  I want so much to make things easier on them and their sadness/frustrations.   There must be something in the air.

My life-long friend, (and one of my maids of honor-to-be), called last night so upset.  I sat on my bed with my receipts spread out before me and just talked it out with her.  She doesn't live here so it's incredibly hard to give a full emotional hug to someone over the phone but we try.  She needed it.  And deserves it.  I wish I could take her pain away.  I know it will figure itself out.  I just hate it when people I love so dearly are in pain.

Other than that, I gotta find some me/down time.  It's been on-the-go for too long.  I'm getting cranky.

What are some things you do to unwind??

Calories Consumed: 962

Workout: NONE

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