Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 92 - My crazy schedule and Avoiding sleep

Tuesday, February 25, 2010

So today was filled with busy-ness.  Heh. business.  Busy-ness.

Yeah.  I'm exhausted.  I've been busting out wedding stuff, film stuff, rehearsal stuff, life stuff...I'm really wiped out!

But I can't sleep.

Well, I can but I'm sort of afraid to go to sleep.

I'm afraid of my dreams.

There. I said it.  I'm afraid of my dreams.

I'm really sick of having dreams about my ex and Jon's ex.  I know that a LOT of it is wedding-related.  I also know that it's my body's way of working stuff out.  I know, even more, that it's much easier for my brain and self to deal with THEM than deal with the other wedding frustration (read: my awful uncle) which I am subjected to dealing with and really don't want to.  That situation is it's own "living nightmare".

I'd prefer to run into either one of our exes.  Twice.  Than deal with my uncle coming to my wedding. But that is a whole other blog story.  One I'll examine as the wedding day approaches and my anxiety explodes.

Yay! Things to look forward to! :)

My friend, Debbie, is having her baby in March and I cannot believe March is around the freaking corner!  Soooo close!

Ok. It's time for me to wrap up and suck it up and go to bed.  I'll be no good for anyone if I don't have sleep.

I have a full list of things to do tomorrow!
TAXES are on that list... let's see if I can hop to it!

Calories Consumed: 982

             3 minutes warm-up
             35 minutes cardio
             (2 - 1 minute sprints; 1 - 5 minute sprint)
              8 minute cool down

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