Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 70 - 'Fessing up and Video workouts

Sunday, January 31, 2010

So today I have no idea what I really did.  See, lately I've been horribly slack on updating this blog.  I write notes about what I'm going to blog about (ex: I know what weights/cardio I did every day), but the days just smear into the next.

Technically, it's Thursday night.

And I'm writing about last Sunday.


So...honestly, I'm not sure what happened.  I believe I spent most of the day at home working on postcards for the voiceover stuff.

It was a fairly uneventful day.  Really.

However, I realized that if I decide to workout to a workout video, I'm better off doing it when Jon is around.  My mind starts to wander when there's no "accountability" and while I'll still DO the workout when I'm alone, I'm busy thinking about things. I get unfocused.

While I don't LIKE working out with Jon around it does keep my head in the game, a little.

Today I revisited Slim in 6 - Ramp it Up.

It was a good workout.  I was proud of the fact when they recommend doing the push-ups I was able--nay, determined-- to do them on my toes.  Considering I was doing 100 pushups a day for a while, ON MY TOES, two sets of 15 push-ups shouldn't be too hard.

I'm desperately trying to catch up on this blog so I can be back on my game.  Bear with me :)


Today's Goal: watch my eating. Calories are getting slightly erratic = SORT OF SUCCESS? (I guess that's not something I can really watch on one day?)

Tomorrow's Goal: re-read a bit of Making the Cut - Jillian Michael's book for ideas

Calories Consumed: 1040

       Slim in 6 - Ramp it Up (total body workout with resistance bands)
       47 minutes

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  1.'ll get back on track after filming this weekend :)