Monday, March 8, 2010

Day 103 - Gifts and Saying Goodbye

Thursday, March 4, 2010

So today was a crazy day!  Mom and I met to accomplish a couple of things wedding-wise:

1. check out bridesmaids gifts
2. check out gifts for hostesses giving the shower
3. check out flower girl gifts
4. go to the jeweler to design my wedding band

Before that, I got a call from my agent (YES!) to come in for a voice over audition.  Mom and I walked from her place to Starbuck's where she waited while I went in for my audition.  After it was over, we headed to find some gifts!

We were VERY successful!  Here's how it played out:

1. found shower gifts
2. found bridesmaids gifts (just have 3 more to pick up from another store)
3. found groomsmen gifts
4. found flower girls gifts
5. found me a rehearsal dinner dress
6. found me a shower dress
7. planned a 2nd day with jeweler so Jon could get fitted too

All in all a very successful wedding-planning day!

Our friend Gene is leaving Chicago tomorrow.  We're sad!  Unfortunately he just could NOT find a job while here.  It's been so tough watching so many people struggle with money and being jobless.  He's headed back to Maine to save some money so he can come back to Chicago for our wedding!  I have high hopes for him. He's a great guy!

We had a fun dinner with him and toasted him a good farewell.  We are driving him to his train tomorrow evening.  Sigh.

Calories Consumed: 1241

Workout: NONE

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