Monday, March 8, 2010

Day 101 - Mom's Dress and The Biggest Loser returns

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

So today my mom and I headed up to Highland Park.  I had to meet with Carrie (my sister-in-law) about our business and we also had a few wedding goals to accomplish:

1. solidify the invitations
2. find mom a dress

Invites went GREAT!  Jon and I worked on the response card-wording and are happy with our creative results.  The other stuff looked excellent so we are good to go!

Mom's dress.  Well, as luck would have it, we went back to the same place mom purchased her dress for my last wedding-that-shall-not-be-named. (It never happened.  2 months before it was cancelled!)  Mom LOVED that last dress.  It fit her perfectly.  It was MADE to fit her.  She looked stunning and felt stunning.  She didn't keep the dress (it was in purple) because she didn't want to wear it to anything else. She was really sad to see it go.  Mom also hates to shop so this experience would prove not fantastic to begin with unless we hit it out of the park on our first at bat.

Funny enough, when we were looking for MY dress we went to 5 different places.  I really liked one dress (but I didn't LOVE it) but it was really out of my price range.  I could have talked my father into it, but I really didn't love it.  Then we finally bit the bullet and went to the place where I got my last dress.  I was leery about going back to the same place.  Felt like a bad idea or whatever, but, lo and behold I found THE dress.  I LOVE my dress!  I LOVE MY DRESS.  And I was thrilled we'd decided to look fear in the face and go back there.

Mom took no chances and decided to hit the same place.  And after trying on about 11 dresses with NOTHING that came even close to a possibility, we decided we'd go somewhere else.  Mom got dressed and had a conversation with the sales person about the last dress she had and how much she loved how it fit.  The lady went in the back and pulled out a dress that looked amazing.   Mom tried it on and it was perfect...just a size too small and in the wrong color!  They looked at the swatches of fabric and realized it could be made in the color we needed and made to her measurements!  PERFECT!

Also?  It turns out, THIS dress is made by the same designer as the LAST dress Mom fell in love with!  So it all works out in the end!

So excited to see it on her when it's in the correct color and cut to fit her!  :)

Tonight, THE BIGGEST LOSER Season 9 returned (it's been on hiatus for The Olympics) and I'm so excited!  It's such a motivator to work out when watching that show!

What shows get you moving/motivated?

Calories Consumed: 937

              3 minutes warm up
              45 minutes run/jog
              8 minutes cool down
        Strength Training:
             125 regular crunches
             100 reverse crunches
             1 set Pilates 100
             50 toe reaches (alternating)

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