Saturday, November 27, 2010

New and Improved!

Well HI there my lovelies!  It has been quite a while since I've posted.

Let's see:

1. got married
2. got to have my dad there (he was touch and go for a while but he's great now!)
3. been auditioning
4. been working out like crazy
5. started a new business.

Say what?

Yes.  I am now an Independent Beach Body coach.  A decision I did NOT come to lightly.

I was working at small, boutique gym in the back office.  It was a great part-time job dealing with reports and retention and all that.  But my boss was a bit of an OCD psycho and I just couldn't deal with him anymore.  He, essentially, forced me to quit.  Long story, but it's true!

So, to say the least I was frustrated.  I talked to a friend of mine and she had just signed on to be a coach.  I've been approached by people before.  Never did I want to take the plunge because, well, I just wasn't committed.  Now, with no job and sick of staring at the Craigs List wall, I decided today was the day to just jump in and try it.  If it works, GREAT.  If not.  Oh well, at least I tried.

My friend told me that until the end of the year, to sign up as a coach is, essentially, free.  Well, this clinched it for me.

I'm definitely interested in trying something for free, right?  :)

Also, Beach Body is the company that has P90X!  And those of you who know me, know I did all 3 months of that crazy workout.  THEN I did Insanity.  And now I'm doing ChaLEAN Extreme!

Oh yes, people.  OH. YES.

So I figured I'm working for a company I 100% believe in!  Why not get discounts and freebies and share my experience with other people looking for the same life change I got!  So yeah.  Yay me!

How are you?  Did the Thanksgiving world kick your butt?  It sort of did for me, but I did workout yesterday and today (and plan to tomorrow too!).


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