Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 7 - Blech and Fun

So today started out pretty awful. My cramps were at an all-time high of PAINFUL and I was barely able to drag myself out of bed to start any sort of work out.

I knew I had to be mindful today since Jon and I were going to see the opening night performance of this year's A Christmas Carol at The Goodman Theatre. I was really looking forward to it, but there was going to be an after party (which we were also invited to) with free-flowing wine and beer and free food. Free FONDUE food. Ummm....have I actually mentioned how much I love cheese? No? I. Love. Cheese. All kinds of cheese. Fondue is like a gift of love sent to me in little pots of warmth.

How in the world was I going to manage to stay away from THAT?

Well, technically I did. I indulged in one glass of white wine. That was it. I ate some fresh veggies (supposed to be used for the dipping in the CHEESE) and 2 medium shrimps that were being passed. That was it! I was very careful.

However, when I got home, I was STARVING! This is where the problems came in. We'd eaten lunch at about 1pm and I had a very very light snack before we walked out the door at 5pm. By the time the show was finished and we were at the party and I was avoiding all the food, I really needed to eat a dinner. So at 11:30pm, that's what I did! I had a good meal but wasn't satisfied. So I ended up eating a bit more of a snack (green apple and peanut butter mixed with raw honey). Wow that was incredibly good but it put me a bit over my calories.

However, I remind myself that even though I was over my calories, I still did MUCH better than I could have avoiding those pots of at the party.

I also did not get in any cardio but I did do weights. AND I graduated to doing 1/2 the reps with a higher weight!

Tomorrow's Goal: Drink my 80 oz of water, get in cardio and weights

Calories consumed: 1301

Workout: 50 rows (15 lbs), 50 biceps curls (10 lbs for 25/ 8 lbs for 25), 50 triceps curls (10 lbs for 25/ 8 lbs for 25), 50 shoulder press (10 lbs for 25/ 8 lbs for 25), 50 chest flies (10 lbs for 25/ 8 lbs for 25)

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