Friday, November 27, 2009

Day 5 - Weigh-in #1 and Surprises

Friday, November 27, 2009

I was determined NOT to make this a "Black Friday" for me, in terms of weight-loss! I've been busting it out and, well, here are the results!

1.8 lbs down!


I was so excited when I saw the number I nearly bent down and KISSED the scale. Actually, I didn't "believe" the number at first. I moved the scale around my bathroom to a few different places thinking maybe it wasn't calibrating correctly. But, there it was! Down to a different number! Oh joy of joys! Now, if all the weeks could be this good, I'll be THRILLED! :)

So, as in all movie-life, schedules change. And my challenge has just gotten a bit harder...instead of a beginning start date of shooting on January 17, 2010, I am now scheduled for my first day of shooting to begin on January 10, 2010. Um...yeah. I just lost a whole week. Gulp! But I still think I can do it!

I cannot tell you how encouraging you've all been to me. Thank you for your kind words and your continued support! It really really really goes a LOOOONG way! I promise.

Jon and I went out and bought some 10 pound weights. The 8 lbs are getting a little light for me in some of the weight-training exercises! ;) Love graduating up. I feel like an athlete, or a rock star, or some other really awesome person you wanted to be when you grew up. :) Is that what I'm doing? Am I finally growing up? Awww! Just when I started feeling so young!

Calories consumed: 1121

Workout: Cardio DVD, warm-up (5 min), Cardio 1 (20 min / 3 lb and 5 lb weights added), cool-down/yoga (5 min). Today was a "lighter" day for me in terms of workout. I didn't do traditional weights, although my cardio DVD has a bit of weight-training in it.

Tomorrow's Goal: Drink 100 oz of water. I think I fell below my water goal today. I wasn't as vigilant as I'd been in the past few days. I didn't plan well enough and found myself out and about and without water. I guess I should realize if I haven't been to the bathroom in over 2 hours, I'm definitely not drinking enough water! ;)

My Mood: Today I was in a fairly good mood. I had moments of irritability due to not expressing my hurt and "shutting down", but I think I'm beginning to recognize when I do that. It's just REALLY hard to be vulnerable and say, "wow that actually hurt my feelings". Or even ask, "Did you mean that to sound that way? Because to me, that sounded hurtful". Process, process, process! :)

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